Maximizing Your Google My Business Presence

Everything from filling out your profile and adding your business to Google Maps to creating publications is 100% free. It is also not recommended to upload photos that are more than 1200 pixels wide, since Google seems to compress them, resulting in blurry images. This may change with future updates to the algorithm.

Google My Business

publications are a feature introduced by Google that allows brands (26% of companies) to communicate directly with their customers.When writing your post, you have a 1500 character limit.

However, it is best practice to keep your post concise and to the point, using no more than 350 characters and including keywords in the first 100 characters. This way, Google can immediately pick up your GMB publication and turn it into a local justification. On the DigitalMaas platform, our minimum requirement for images is 400 x 300 pixels, but the recommended size is 1200 x 900 pixels.You can use graphic design platforms like Canva to create your images or simply upload photos of your products, services, location or equipment. This is your place to provide general information about your company.

Use these types of publications as in other social networks, to inform your customers about new services or highlight some of your previous work. Adding photos and videos, as well as descriptions and an action button, will make your posts more attractive.There's a lot of useful information you can offer your customers, and your Google My Business page can be another medium for your content marketing activities. They give your company more visibility, since they place you right on the results page of your customers' search engine, as well as on Google Maps. In this case, they show contact information, although you can set up online reservations directly from your Google business profile for an automatic and simple booking process.

Connecting with your customers should be one of your main objectives for your Google My Business profile.One of the most important aspects of Google My Business publications is that, since Google focuses on quality data in search results, when you ensure that your service meets customer requirements, it helps improve search results. Local justifications, or fragments of some of the attributes of your Google My Business profile, will appear below the basic business information with a small blue circular marker. The size of Google my business posts is short but effective for communicating %26 and providing information about your company. A Google my business post on sales promotion can smoothly push your potential customers through the sales funnel.With Google Posts, companies can offer offers, timely content, marketing messages %26 seasonal information to consumers.

An active Google My Business profile will also improve your local SEO rankings, helping you to appear higher in local search results when people search for your service in their area. Many companies see Google My Business as a one-time profile update: request your business listing, add your business hours, add some images and make sure your reviews match. Think of your Google My Business profile as your first point of contact with your customers and a way to meet their expectations even before they visit you.

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