The Best Tools for Managing Customer Feedback on Google My Business

If you're a small business owner, it's likely that the first time a potential customer gets to know your business will be through a Google search. A Google My Business (GMB) listing will allow other people to find your business on Google Maps and rank high in Google search results. When the coronavirus arrived, Google expanded the business profile section so that companies could publish any changes related to the pandemic, such as different business hours and changes in service, such as curbside pickup or takeaway food only for restaurants, which was a useful way for small businesses to communicate with customers.If you have a GMB account, you're probably anxious to know how to keep getting the most out of it. Your Google business profile allows you to keep your contacts informed by sharing status updates, photos, videos and links.

Resources include free personalized websites, a step-by-step guide to using Google's business profile, diagnostic tools to measure the performance of your website, training programs and business workshops.To maximize the effects of your advertising campaigns and allocate your budget as wisely as possible, especially if you run a small business and can't spend large sums of money on advertising, your best friend is Google's keyword planner. This feature is also integrated into the Google Ads creator. Enter your business profile, industry and examples of the products and services you offer and you'll receive useful keyword suggestions in return.Google Analytics is another powerful tool among Google's many products. If you want to grow your business, it's essential that you measure your results and draw conclusions.

This process allows you to devise countermeasures when something doesn't go as planned and make improvements. Google Analytics can measure the results of your website, mobile app, online store, social media channels, and more. Best of all, when you feel comfortable using it, you can set up quite advanced measures, including cross-platform analysis focused on the user.Capturing the attention of your business on the Internet is about being where your audience is. To do this, you don't need to spend hours rummaging through online forums and relevant social media threads.

Meet Google Trends, your new assistant for researching fashion topics. Google Trends analyzes all the searches performed by Google users and shows summaries in easy-to-read forms, such as diagrams and heat maps. Thanks to that, not only can you see trends on the Internet over a given period of time, but also check how often phrases related to your business are searched for.If you ever don't know what to write your posts about, Google Trends is a great source of inspiration for everyday life. If you've ever had trouble determining your Google Ads management strategy, HubSpot's Google Ads tool will help you centralize your Google Ads campaigns.

Hubspot's Google Adwords tool analyzes the performance data of your Google Ads ads and synchronizes the performance of your ads with your CRM to optimize your campaign and help you attract more quality leads to your company.We've already mentioned the importance of search engine optimization so that your GMB listings rank well in Google search results. And while Google's keyword planner and Google Trends are extremely useful for kick-starting your SEO strategy, you might want to use a more advanced tool as your business grows. Increase your chances of appearing in the local pack of 3 (the 3 local companies that appear the most in search results) by investing in external SEO. Check out the steps you've already tried to get started with your link building efforts with Ahrefs here.Data-based tools for managing customer feedback This tool integrates with major business tools, such as GMB, HootSuite and BrandWatch.

With a Google business profile, you can build followers and keep customers coming back with news updates, event announcements, and special offers and discounts.Nowadays, companies working to improve their professional image online and their visibility in search results have many GMB tools to choose from. This tool integrates with the main business tools, such as Google Sheets, Salesforce, Hubspot and GMB. While all of the Google products described above are solid, free solutions, they may not solve all your business needs.Google has partnered with thousands of cities and local organizations to help companies create their websites, stay on top of Google search results and be seen by customers. Professionals such as lawyers and consultants can get a Google Screened badge which shows that Google has verified their background and endorses their experience.Businesses looking for survey management software that works well with Google apps will find what they need in Google Forms.

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