Managing Multiple Locations on Google My Business

If you have a business with multiple locations, it's essential to keep track of everything in your Google My Business (GMB) dashboard. Managing multiple locations isn't as difficult as it may seem, but it's important to know who has already verified your business and what to do if there's a duplicate. Google will call the phone number associated with your company and provide you with a verification code to enter online. By adding multiple locations to their GMB account, businesses can ensure that potential customers can easily find them, regardless of where they search from.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of running ads on Google (for free), make sure you have an optimized business profile. If you have a location, make sure that someone else in your company hasn't already created a business account and verified it. It's important that all companies can enjoy the benefits of Google My Business, but if you have a franchise or a business with multiple locations with the same name, you might run into some difficulties or confusion. A duplicate ad on Google My Business occurs when there are several ads for your company and one has already been verified.

The good news is that Google will alert you in your GMB control panel if you have a duplicate ad, quickly and easily. There are several reasons why some companies add multiple locations to their GMB account. Adding photos and videos of your company's locations can help potential customers get an idea of what your businesses are like before visiting them. If you have multiple business locations, make sure that each one of them is accurately represented in Google My Business.

You can add additional locations to your current business or create a new one for each location.

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