Managing Customer Inquiries on Google My Business: Best Practices

To ensure that your business is represented accurately and prominently in local search results, it is important to follow a set of guidelines for managing your Google My Business page. This will help you avoid common problems and optimize your page for maximum visibility. You can also control who has access to manage and view your account. Messaging is a new Google My Business service that allows you to communicate with potential customers via text messages.

To create a post, go to your Google My Business page and select “Publications” in the left-hand column. This feature provides businesses with an opportunity to provide valuable information directly to Google, helping them appear in local results for both brand-related and non-brand-related queries. Whether you are just starting out or have been established in the community for some time, configuring and optimizing your Google My Business page is essential for attracting new customers. Think of your Google My Business page as an extension of your website, providing customers with additional information about your company and the products or services you offer.

The home page also includes a snapshot of your company's analytics (views on maps and searches), a link to create a virtual tour, a link to access more analytics, and a link to the Google My Business application.

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