Managing Your Google Business Profile: A Comprehensive Guide

Having a Google My Business profile is essential for any company that wants to be successful in local SEO. It allows you to control and update your contact information, business hours, and other essential details as needed. If your company doesn't have a physical location, you can list your service areas. Google offers companies access to a free marketing kit with stickers, social media posts and printable posters.

Even if a company has a Google business profile, it's probably not something they'll pay attention to or update regularly.The Google Business Profile (GBP) is an often-overlooked listing that many companies neglect, leaving money on the table in the process. The basic business information that should be included in Google's business profile management includes your name, address, website, phone number, description, category, and attributes. A Google business profile helps ensure that people find your business when they search for products and services like yours in their local area. If you have special hours during holidays or even specific days, make sure that they are reflected in your Google Business profile.Selecting the right category for your business is key to success in local SEO.

Google has more than 2000 categories, and selecting the one that most accurately describes a company's activities will increase the chances of it ranking in local searches for its product or service. Having an optimized Google business profile builds trust with potential customers and ultimately results in more sales.Managing a Google business profile is not difficult but it does require some effort. The primary owner of the account must be selected first. This includes businesses with a physical location (such as a restaurant or store) and companies that provide services by meeting with customers elsewhere (such as consultants or plumbers).

Special features are available for Google business accounts, depending on the category you've chosen. This information is only used to verify your business and isn't displayed on your Google business profile or shared with the public.An updated Google business profile may have been an afterthought for companies in the past, but today it's essential to the success of local SEO. Taking the time to manage your Google business profile will pay off in the long run with increased visibility and more customers.

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