Optimizing Your Google My Business Profile: Best Practices

When consumers are in micromoments, they act quickly to meet their needs. In fact, nearly 33 percent of all mobile searches are location-related. To capture more of those searches from mobile devices, it is essential to optimize your Google My Business profile. With more than 52 percent of all Internet traffic coming from smartphones, it is critical that your business appears consistently across all devices.

If you are interested in optimizing Google My Business and streamlining your own local business, the first step is to create your own Google Business account and familiarize yourself with the features offered by Google My Business. As with any Google SEO strategy, your Google My Business strategy should focus on providing as much quality information as possible about your company, not only in your business profile, but also in the sources that Google uses to publish it, such as your website, review site profiles and even your social media accounts. From sharing photos of your products and services to answering questions directly and providing a visual map of your company's location, using Google My Business has many advantages for all business owners. You can also spend time responding to a negative review in order to solve the problem and offer a solution, which will be seen by the public and anyone who comes across your Google My Business listing.

In this case, they show contact information, although you can set up online reservations directly from your Google business profile for an automatic and simple booking process. Now that you know how to claim, verify and optimize your Google My Business listing, you can make a great first impression. Learn how to use Google My Business messaging to help customers contact you in real time, directly from your Google business profile. Throughout the evolution of Google My Business, new components and functions have been implemented on the platform itself for purposes of accessibility and accuracy for users.

Using Google My Business to share photos can change the way others view your business and, at the same time, help to leave a positive and lasting impression on those who are genuinely interested in learning more. Read on to discover everything you need to know to easily create Google My Business publications that attract customers, including what to publish, when to publish, and the mistakes you should avoid. For that reason, it is necessary to verify your address (or company ownership) through Google's business profile verification process. Google recommends that companies use their logo to help customers identify your business with a square-sized image.

In addition, with any Google Business listing, customers can upload and share the photos they took of your establishment or where they are in it. To verify your business, Google will send a postcard to the address you entered; when it arrives (usually a week later), log back into your GMB control panel and enter the code. By following these best practices for optimizing Google My Business, you can ensure that customers find accurate information about your business quickly and easily. This will help you build trust with potential customers and increase visibility for your business.

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