How to Respond to Reviews on Your Google My Business Listing

Let's say you're a consumer looking for a local car dealer. You go to Google, type in some keywords, and you're presented with two options. The first one has a nice star rating, but the second one provides more information. It shows the exact name of the company and the full name of the product.

The customer mentioned “Prime Toyota”, but the full commercial name is “Prime Toyota Boston”. When replying to reviews on your Google My Business listing, it's important to use relevant keywords that will help optimize your profile for search engine optimization (SEO). Local business keywords are typically the company name, location, products, and services. It's best to avoid repeating the details of the review, as this provides Google with content that is detrimental to your reputation.

Instead, offer the customer the opportunity to share more information about their situation, in addition to providing contact information. Broadly has the tools that business owners like you need to improve your company profile, optimize your ads for local search and Google Maps, and manage positive and negative customer feedback. When potential reviewers see that the company interacts with all the comments, they may be more considerate when it comes to sharing negative feedback, hoping that the company will participate and try to resolve the problem. Follow these steps when you respond to customer feedback that you receive on your Google My Business profile: 1.Firmly establish that professionalism is important to your business and regret losing the business of reviewer A.

2.Avoid repeating details of the review as this provides Google with content that is detrimental to your reputation. 3.Offer the customer an opportunity to share more information about their situation and provide contact information. 4.Sign in to your Google My Business profile and select “Settings” and then “Notifications” to enter your email address and select each type of review to receive automatic notifications. 5.Your response will now automatically appear as a response to the review in your Google My Business profile.

Increasing your Google star rating is important as it is probably the first indicator of quality that potential customers will see. Your goal should be a grade higher than 4.0 as this will help with SEO optimization by adding relevant keywords to your Google business profile without filling in keywords. Additionally, getting your small business to appear on Google is one of the most important things you can do for your business if you want to appear in online searches. When responding to reviews on your Google My Business listing, it's important to take into account consumer opinions which helps improve the company's reputation and authority.

This is because there are certain search situations in which Google only shows companies with ratings above 4.0 and because Google relies on factors such as reliability and quality of service to provide reliable results to customer inquiries, so it makes sense that these same things would help your company in local SEO efforts and rank higher.

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