Unlock the Benefits of Google My Business

Google My Business is a powerful tool for local businesses to increase their visibility and reach potential customers. It's free, easy to use, and can help you achieve higher search engine ranking positions (SERP) in related search terms in your local area. With the right optimization and management, you can quickly reap the rewards of Google My Business. The “Information” tab of your business profile allows you to edit general business information, such as “opening hours” and special holidays when your location may be closed.

This way, customers can access up-to-date information about your business in real time. Google My Business also offers businesses more ways to keep in touch with potential customers. You can post offers, add products, provide news and other updates directly in Google Search. Plus, you can now chat directly with customers who find your profile on the search results page.

Google My Business Insights provides companies with valuable data that they can use to improve their visibility, increase engagement and ultimately boost sales. To track direct traffic from Google My Business with Google Analytics and see how users of the medium behave on your website, you'll need to use Google Analytics. Spend time on initial optimization and managing company updates to take advantage of the benefits of Google My Business. With the right strategy, you can reduce the cost of your online marketing budgets or help increase results.

Letícia Suellentrop
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