What is the Difference Between Google and Google My Business?

In other words, Google+ is just one aspect of Google my Business, which contains other features. Although Google+ is something of its own, Google my Business allows you to link your accounts, which reinforces the point of view that Business acts as a control panel for your online company. Google My Business is a free service that replaced Google Places. The service will provide your heating, ventilation and air conditioning company with a physical location on Google Maps that will help potential local customers find your services more quickly.

Both Google My Business and Google Ads are suitable for different companies with different marketing strategies. For people who have known Google My Business for quite some time, this name change wouldn't be a surprise. In addition, Google Ads will appear on Google SERPs and on websites that belong to the Google Search and Display Networks. If you're more eager to spread the word about what your company has to offer, choose the automated Google Smart Campaign tool. For your information, business profiles with images receive 42% more requests to find the address on Google Maps.

If you're a small business owner, you can now manage your ad directly on Google Search or Google Maps without having to access the old Google My Business console. In addition, many companies use Google Ads (AdWords) for video ads on YouTube and the Google Display Network. Just below the Google Ads search results, you'll see a package of 3 Google Maps results for local businesses that match your searches. Google My Business will include your heating, ventilation and air conditioning company in Google Maps, Google Local Pack and Local Finder.

Google Ads

will meet your paid online advertising requirements, while Google My Business will be a free tool to boost your business locally.

If you're a person who has a single ad, Google prefers that you manage your ad through Google Search or Google Maps.

Google My Business

is a free tool and is therefore preferred by companies with a limited digital marketing budget.

Google AdWords

, also known as Google Ads, is an advertising platform that allows you to promote your company throughout the search engine network. Therefore, anyone searching for relevant terms, such as air conditioning repair or HVAC services, will see Google Ads results first (before Google Maps and organic search results). This application received several names such as Google Local +, Google Local and Google Places before it was known as Google My Business.

We've all realised the importance of having a Google My Business profile, especially small business owners.

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