What Happens if You Don't Verify Your Google Business Account?

Without a Google My Business account, you have no control over the information that appears in your business profile and, according to a study by BrightLocal, 68% of consumers would stop using a local business if they found incorrect information on the Internet. Earlier this month, Jade Wang (Google representative) stated in a post on the Google product forum that companies that haven't recently logged into their Google My Business account run the risk of Google not verifying their listings. In other words, the “set it and forget it” strategy that is usually used when managing Google My Business accounts once verified is not viable. If Google determines that an account is inactive, it could override the verification of that account's Google Local listings.As an expert in SEO, I'm here to explain what happens if you don't verify your Google Business account and how it can affect your presence in local searches.

The verification button is found in the Home section once you have logged in to your Google Business profile, and will be present regardless of the type of verification method that is required for your profile. GMB Gorilla configures, optimizes and manages Google business profiles for companies, companies with multiple locations and partners that want to white label industry-leading GBP services. Over time, you should verify your business, as profiles that aren't verified will have limited visibility in Google Search and will also have limited options for editing business information.Once you've verified your ad, you can update your business name and other information on Google. The Google My Business verification process ensures that only genuine companies (and their authorized representatives) can create and manage listings.

New ads (especially service area companies created in 2002) seem to immediately require video verification with no other options. If users don't respond to Google's email and haven't logged in to Google My Business for a “significant period of time,” Google can unverify the account's local Google pages.To verify your Google My Business profile through Search Console, follow the Google Search Console setup process and verify your ownership there. Yes, you can skip the Google My Business verification process so that you can verify your business later. In any case, it is recommended that business owners regularly log in to their Google My Business (Locations) account to confirm that all business information is correct, as this information is part of your appointments and may affect your SEO.So how can you stop this from happening to your account? Wang recommends that you keep an eye on the inbox associated with your Google My Business account (locations) for emails from Google.

If you sign in to your Google My Business account and notice that a page in your account isn't verified, contact Google support for help re-establishing verification.

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