What is the Difference Between Verified and Unverified Google My Business Listings?

Verified Google My Business listings are those that Google has confirmed to be accurate. This means that they are more likely to appear in local searches, such as when someone searches for “healthy food” on their cell phone. Google may request a new verification of your business listing for a variety of reasons, such as when a new location is added or when the business owner hasn't logged in to their account for a significant period of time. The verification process publishes a location on Google Maps and in Search, while unverified companies are not publicly visible.

The process positively confirms the identity of the owner of the location and effectively links a Google Account to that location. The landlord may need to enter a PIN code to verify the location.Current business owners may deny the request and proposed business owners may not act on Google's notification email. A local Google My Business ad can help you reach current consumers and improve your ranking and presence in local search results.If you add a location that has already been verified in the business profile, it won't appear on Google Maps and will be marked as a duplicate location in your account. In other words, the “set it and forget it” strategy that is usually used when managing Google My Business accounts once verified is not viable.

It is recommended that business owners regularly log in to their Google My Business (Locations) account to confirm that all business information is correct, as this information is part of your appointments and may affect your SEO.If automatic verification is available, the business owner is not required to take any steps to verify their company correctly. To set up your locations with the business profile APIs, you must create a platform for your merchants to manage their businesses on Google. When you log in to your account, Google will be informed that the Google My Business control panel is still being managed.Google will try to contact Google My Business users by email to confirm that they are still actively managing a business page. If users don't respond to Google's email and haven't logged in to Google My Business for a “significant period of time,” Google can unverify the account's local Google pages.These requirements are typically higher than those of unverified community-based businesses found on Google Maps.

To prevent this from happening to your account, keep an eye on the inbox associated with your Google My Business account (locations) for emails from Google.

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